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Struggling with SMB Multichannel


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OK - long story short - I can't seem to get SMB Multichannel to get me any more than 111MB/sec transfer between my Microserver and my desktop.


Server has 2x HP 332i  - 4x RSS queues per channel

Desktop has 2x Intel I350T2 - 4x RSS queues per channel


SmbServerConfiguration - EnableMultichannel is True on the server

SmbClientConfiguration - EnableMultichannel is True on the desktop


Is there anything I'm missing? RSS profile is NUMAStatic on both - these NICs are connected (no teaming) straight into an HP PS1810-8G switch with no configuration on the swich at all. For completeness - desktop is ports 5/6, server is ports 7/8.



Get-SmbConnection gives me Dialect (SMB version) 3.02.

Get-SmbMultichannelConnection on Powershell during a file copy returns nothing.

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Since SMB MultiChannel is supposed to be enabled by default, and it's also supposed to auto-configure if a valid configuration is detected, I have to assume there is something about the setup that it doesn't find valid.


Did you do any manual configuration? If so, you might want to restore both ends to defaults and try again.

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I've tried disabling and re enabling things... Might reinstall Windows on the desktop when I get a chance to see if that does anything.


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