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N54L mixing RAM ECC & Non ECC


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Hi All,


Like a few of the other new members on here I've just purchased a HP N54L and googling a few different questions I always seemed to end up back here so thought it best I register and get on with learning all the tricks and tips for your members.


One question (it might be a daft one but I'll not know until I ask :P ) that I can't seem to get an answer for via the search on the Microserver forum or Google for that matter is regarding if I can mix ECC and non ECC ram in my N54L. 


My N54L shipped with 4gb of ECC Ram and I'd like to install FreeNas and read that it requires 8gb to run so I wondered if I can buy 4gb of the cheaper non ECC and use that along with the preinstalled 4gb of ECC ram or would I be better getting 8gb of Non ECC ram as I plan on leaving the server on 24/7.




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I would not mix ECC and non-ECC, even if it's technically possible (which I'm not sure it is).


Thanks ikon, I'll see about buying 4gb of ECC ram in that case.


I appreciate the reply



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I found a post about this on another site, from a Crucial Labs staffer. It indicates that you can mix ECC and non-ECC, just not Registered ECC. I was actually thinking of Registered, so that coloured my response. Here's part of the post:



You can mix ECC and non-ECC in most boards and not have a problem. You system will not run registered memory though so do not get the memory you seen. The system would run slower if it can handle the ecc memory but since yours does not have the capabilities to use the ECC memory it will be seen as non-ECC and the performance will not be hampered.

Crucial Performance Lab
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Thanks ikon.


I actually just ordering this RAM from Crucial 5 minutes ago.


This - http://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/proliant-n40l/CT4865893

  • Brand: Crucial
  • Form Factor: UDIMM
  • Module Size: 4GB
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Specs: DDR3 PC3-12800 • CL=11 • Dual Ranked • Unbuffered • ECC • DDR3-1600 • 1.35V • 512Meg x 72 •
  • Series: Crucial
  • Part number: CT4865893

I'm really keen to get all the bits that I've ordered (graphics card, left angles SATA cable, Akasa 2.5/3.5 inch to 5.25 inch Mounting Adapter to fit an old 250gb HD from an Omega external drive) so I can get it up and running then have a play....not that I know what I'm doing but with all the great write ups on here I can't go to far wrong.


Thanks for taking the time to have look for the information on my behalf, it's much appreciated.

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