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Program to Dupe OS drive on 495?


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What do I do if the OS drive on the WHS goes out? Is there a program that will copy that drive using an icy dock and another 1.5TB drive?

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The only working method right now is Tranquil's SAFE module.



Icy Dock is expected to come out with a similar unit in a few weeks. I hope to review one of those.


If you use programs like Acronis, there is an issue. You can clone the drive but you will get drive errors because Acronis does not copy the drives disk ID, you would need to do this, http://www.mediasmartserver.net/2010/01/17/forum-spotlight-how-to-successfully-clone-and-upgrade-a-whs-system-drive/ great job from the forum members at MediaSmartServer.net B)

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