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Fanless power supply Fortron FSP 150-50TNF possible?


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i was searching around, to find some facts about the PSU, which is original build into the Gen8. I wanted to know, which class it is (80 Plus,...).


I also find another PSU which is also formfactor Flex ATX: Fortron  150-50TNF


It is >80% with the efficiency.












I don't know, if this is possible.


Maybe the idea is not practicable, then I am sorry, for open this thread.



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The Flex ATX is a compact power supply unit and all the internal components are cramped together.


I think passive diffusion of heat could be an issue in the Microserver gen 8. The heat will negatively influence the lifespan of the PSU.


I would be interested to learn if someone swapped the PSU. The loudest component of my Microserver gen 8 seems to be the PSU fan.

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