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OnBoard Graphics BIOS setting -- Primary PEG


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Looking at my BIOS for my Z77 I see an entry for setting Primary PEG with the option to select: Auto PEG0 PEG1 PEG2 PEG3


I couldn't find a good explaination on what exactly this is doing related to the onboard video so I left it in Auto


Can anyone explain what this is?


other relevant settings:


I set 


Init Display First to PEG


Internal Graphics to Disabled (I'm using an add on graphics card)



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PCI Express Graphics (PEG) refers to PCI-E slots on a mobo that are oriented toward graphics. For example, they are normally 16x slots so that they can handle virtually any graphics card. The term also can differentiate a PCIe graphics slot from other, non-graphics, PCIe slots.


In your case, based on the choices available in the BIOS, it appears you have 4 slots that can handle graphics cards. I find that pretty impressive. Now I'm not sure, but perhaps it's possible that onboard graphics could count as 1 of the options, if the onboard GPU goes through the PCIe controller.


I suspect there's no reason to choose anything other than Auto, unless there are multiple graphics cards in the system and it is desired to have a specific one as the primary.

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