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After reboot media sharing is disabled in dashboard


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Hi All,


I have recently installed 2012 essentials with Media essentials pack.  Works really well!!!


However, if I reboot the media sharing options in the dashboard settings for each of my media shares are reverted back to "NO" and I have to manually change the options back to "YES" each time.


Now I have drivebender configured and my shares are stored in the drivebender pool and I'm not sure if drivebender is the cause of this (possibly due to drivebender might be starting up after Media Essentials).


Does anyone else see this problem? I'm wondering if this is normal behaviour to those that do not have drivebender installed.


Maybe I should post to drivebender support???

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Actually, given that the driver for Drive Bender is a user mode driver (IIRC, meaning it loads later during boot), then it may very well be the issue.


If able, test with the shares on a different driver and see if it works.


Also, check "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs" for the media service logs.

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^^ What he said. The obvious test here is to place the shares temporarily on a volume that is not part of the DB Pool and try again. If you can establish that it is indeed a DB issue, then you might be able to get DB Support to tell you how you might make DB load sooner in the boot sequence.

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