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Server Read/Write Speeds to Shares

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Drashna Jaelre

I think sometimes the process of updating the directory causes short interruptions in the transfer process.

You mean like it has to write to the file allocation table, to create an entry for the file, and verify that there is enough room for it, allocate the space for it and verify the entry was successfully created?!?!


Yup, that's why a lot of smaller files take longer to copy than a few large ones.

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So just an update... I added a SSD feeder disk into my Stablebit Drivepool and now able to write to the pool at 80+ over the network.  Reading from the pool is about 50+.  But after messing around with everything in this thread I've been able to increase my speeds significantly over the network.  That paired with my ASUS AC router and I'm streaming 720p video easy over wireless in my place.


Now I'm happy.

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