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Removing disk, stuck at 90%


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I am trying to remove a disk that is showing large pending bad sector count.  It is stuck at over 90% done for a day.  I cannot cancel and back out this process.


I see that it has about 12 GB of data left on the drive.  What should I do now?  Should I just force the computer to shut down and remove the drive?

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It's a tough call. Sometimes there's a bad sector that won't let go and you have no choice but to kill it.  Sometimes it's a service running it the background that won't release a file.


If you do end up killing it. After a reboot, try using the wizard again to remove the drive from the pool. If it's stuck again. then force a shutdown. Physically remove the drive and then power up.  Most likely you will have some errors in the Console and have to open the folder and delete files that are actually missing. Get's messy. I've been there.

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