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Need advice for an elderly relative.


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I'm looking for advice about what computer to get a relative in her 80s.


Obviously, the eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, but she can still see OK with glasses.


She has never used a computer before.


She thinks she would like a computer because her church sometimes forgets to send her notifications about scheduling updates for the Ladies' Auxiliary, of which she's a member. This is because most of the updates are sent by email now.


She also would like to be able to do basic searching on the Internet.


As you can see, her needs are very basic and skill level very low.


She is also a retiree, so her finances are limited.


So, the question is, what would be the best computer for her? I've been looking at the Chromebook but I'm very open to other suggestions. What do you all think?

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My wife had already commandeered my 11" Acer ChromeBook. Bought her a 14" HP ChromeBook on Woot and

she loves it. Extra screen real estate is very nice. 


I had my mother buy herself an HP AIO with Win7 before Win8 came out for obvious reasons. Her 71 year

old boyfriend just bought himself a new Win8 desktop. He's a computer novice and apparently that isn't 

working out so well. 


A ChromeBook is what it is, but apparently that isn't always a bad thing. And I'm typing this on a ChromeBook :)

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iPad! We bought one for my 68 yr old mother in law and she can accomplish everything she needs, intuitively from it will virtually no training. From web browser (online bill pay) and shopping to email, even Facebook and games. It just works.

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I was thinking a 14" screen would be a good size. In the Chromebook vein I was looking at the HP 14". I can get one for $500 all in (taxes included). I'm not aware of another unit in that size and price range that would be super easy to use. That said, I've never used a Chromebook before so it's hard for me to compare.

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