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about to wash my hands of this product....

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Is there a possibility that because it is not getting past 0%, there is an issue with it and my firewall?


I'm using pfsense, have uPNP enabled, with HTTP and HTTPS port forwarding to the server enabled... I'm fairly sure that's all the requirements.

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That's the beauty of these forums...  A lot of us are forced to brain dump here as we have nothing (or somebody) else to mull things over with.  I've found simply searching around here, may not solve

I totally agree PetieG. Not always, but often I phrase my posts deliberately to not necessarily lay out the answer to a question in full detail - IOW, to help point the way so the person asking the qu

fair enough, just going through my mental checklist again...


Is the administrator account automatically logged in and launching the configuration wizard after OOBE?

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During installation I don't think there are really any accounts in use. The User Account system hasn't been set up yet - that's part of installation.

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ugh, i'm just hitting dead ends.


I seriously wanted to give it a go... so many features... ya know, the whole reason why I wanted to try it out was for the windows phone app.. haha, I dunno... the little shinies get me going I guess.

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Drashna Jaelre

I do have them enabled, it actually has two, but I only have one plugged in.


when you say "unattend.xml" do you mean the autounattend.xml that can be placed in the root of the media with the cfg.ini file, or doing it differently with just an unattend.xml that can be lauched via wpeutil in startnet.cmd?

Same thing. You can use either file name, and it gets picked up and ran. 


Also, here's a question, why not make a sys-prepped image on another machine, including VNC server installed on it. That way, when you install it on the machine, you can see what is going on.

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OMG, SysPrep; haven't thought or used that in a while. I set up the original procedure at work, but that's been someone else's responsibility for a long time.

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