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is this harddrive "shot"?


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I have this harddrive running in a Raid 0.


It seems to be very slow and unresponsive from time to time...


I ran a analyze program.... what do you think...


is it the disk or the raid0?


first (Bad) disk

Bad drive screenshot.JPG


second disk (normal i guess)



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First, welcome to the forums.


Second, are the 2 drives the same make & model?


Third, even if the drives are different make & model, I have to admit that that graph doesn't look so good, compared to the other.

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no... only one year. and i had it about 18 month maybe more

by the way... if u at first dont suceed.... I guess skydiving is out of the question... lol

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i might have read that post... ;)


let me just make it a bit easier and past this in here before i have to rewrite it... hope thats fine



I am looking for help on how to setup a new filefolder and backup structure on my home network.


I mainly have a big photo and video library. that needs backing up...

So I battle between access speeds and backup security and cost.

Can someone guide me, or is there a guid on the forum or web somewhere you could recommend.


Its mainly the Raid 0 drive that is backed up.

Once with a Raid 1 on my HTPC (videos)

and with a single backup drive on my main PC (Photos)


private files Disk is currently not locally backed up, but in the cloud backed up with crashplan.

This is also true for the Raid 0.

The first problem i run into now... that i believe one of my Raid0 disks starts to fail... I have a report somewhere from a check software. and someone can maybe tell me how bad it is.

All Raids are software Raids from WIN 8


I want to bring all my ducks in a row.


How do i start? At the end or at the beginning?

Do i think about how it should be ideally and move backwards? Or do i use the current state, but not sure were to go... As you see it is confusing to me...


What backup solution do i use going forward? WIN 8s  Storage Spaces? and move away from the "regular" win 8 Raid 1 solution? or even use Drive pool from stablebit.



Any feedback is appreciated!




ok, my latest thoughts were...have one raid 0 on my main PC. and back it up with a storage spaces 3x3 TB parity setup. and back that up in the cloud with crashplan...

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I think the best thing I can do at the moment is to point you to my strategy and let you peruse it, to see if it's something you could use. With that, here are some links:


PHOTOS: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1899-whs-2011-storage-strategy/page-8#entry47628

BACKUP STRATEGY: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4788-what-i-hope-to-acheive-with-your-help/#entry51373

BACKUP SCRIPTS: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5197-robocopy-backup-scripts/#entry56498


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