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Hardware For Windows Server 2012 (Home Use)


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    I am new to Windows Server and servers in general. I want to get familiar with both. This makes want to build a home server and play with it . Hopefully ending up with a good server and learning the software . I have a copy of Windows 2012 R2 (standard) with update. I also have access to other versions of Microsoft software. I know full blown Windows Server and the hardware listed properly is overkill. But like I said I want to learn my way around it. So to the hardware.


Parts I have laying around:


3- Barracuda 1TB Drive

2- WD Black 1 TB Drive

1- VisionTek Race SSD 120GB

Various 2.5 HD's

32GB of Corsair Vengeance Ram

16GB of VisionTek Black label Ram

HD6850 GPU

650 Watt PS



Parts I have to choose from. This can not be altered I must choose between the two. 


1. Dell T5500 - 2x Xeon Quad Core (X5550) 2.66 GHz.14GB of Ram 


2. Dell T5500 - 1x Xeon 6 Core (X5675) 3.06 GHz  4GB of Ram


So is 2 X5550 cpu;s better than 1 X5675 cpu?


Will the Corsair Ram work with these systems? 


Should I install the OS on the SSD?

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for sheer power go with duel cpu however the ram will not work you will need ECC ram for this.  Also does either box have the hardware raid controller would be nice for the data drives.   I would install the OS on the SSD possible getting a second if you can for redundancy of a software mirror

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