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eSATA card for an HP N40L


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I have been runnig an HP N40L with Server Essentials 2012 for a year plus with a RocketHybrid 1222 connecting to an external encloser with 4 drives.  All is working great...  but now I am looking for to add a couple more drives.  The card I mentioned can only support one port as a multiplier.


I have StarTech.com PEXESAT322I card which I spent about 3 hours trying to get it to work.  StarTech's site says both ports can work as multipliers....  I tried a straight swap from teh existing card.  The Server's BIOS (non-modified) shows all 8 drives attached (four in the server, four in the enclosure).  I let it boot and Server Essentials show only one drive in teh enclosure....


I tried installing the drivers for the StarTech card even looked for the drivers for the chips on the card.  Nothing I did would make the that show up in device manager....  So two areas of questions, anyone have a decent, low cost, recommendation for a card to support two enclosures with four drives each??


Or has anyone gotten the card I mention to work with two ports in multiplier mode?


Any idea whould be appreciated.  Testing a bit of a challenge since I need to bring the server down, which makes family members unhappy!!!

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I have the same StarTech.com PEXESATA322I and Windows Server 2012r2 and HP G7 N54L server.  I've run the driver setup program twice but each time the folder in  program files (x8) is empty.  I want to use SATA port multiplier to access up to four SATA drives in an external Mediasonic Probox that does support port multiplier.  The OS sees only the first of two drives although the card's BIOS sees both of the installed drives.  Clearly this is an OS driver issue and Windows cannot do it on its own.  StarTech support said that the card supports Windows Server 2012 but does not support Windows Server 2012r2.  Otherwise, this is the card everyone needs to get for simple external storage for off-site copy and on-site server backup.  I hope StarTech will develop a driver though if Windows Server 2012r2 cannot use Windows 8.1 drivers we may be out of luck.


I've carefully read the many posts about flashing a BIOS mod that exposes the port multiplier feature on the HP N54L motherboard eSATA port.  As best I can determine, the BIOS mod o41072911mod.com that enables port multiplier has been superseded by the new HP BIOS SP64420.exe that addresses Windows 2012r2 issues.  I updated the BIOS with the new HP code and have successfully installed Windows Server 2012r2.  However, I am not aware of a subsequent BIOS mod that branches from this new official BIOS and because I am running an OS that depends on the fixes I fear using the older BIOS mod would lead to disaster.


The previous official HP BIOS file name is o4107291.com and the mod BIOS with port multiplier is o41072911mod.com.


The new official HP BIOS file name is o41100113.rom


(paste does not work despite running this site in compatibility mode so this won't be a very rich post.  Please explain how to make paste work and I will do better next time.)


I hope Joe Miner or the many others who have contributed so much to this topic will reply and set the record straight.  Is there a BIOS mod available for the current  HP SP64420.exe BIOS update?


Is there a PCIe eSATA card that supports port multiplier AND includes drivers for Windows Server 2012r2?  I cannot find one.  I have only been looking at JBOD cards.

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