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Has anyone tried the new Bay Trail CPU/MB combo's

Don W

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I am in the process of building a new home server and am intrigued with the low power ASRock Q1900-ITX motherboard. I bought an Atom motherboard when they first came out and was not impressed. I realize that was a couple years ago and hope they have come a long way since then. Anyways,  I will use it as a PLEX media streamer to a couple tv's along with being a file server.

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Just finished a homebrew NAS with this motherboard/CPU combo. I used the unraid server software. The build is described in the "other OS" section of this forum.

Purchased from Amazon for 69 bucks!. I got the version that uses SODIMMs, as I had a couple of spare 2 gig sodimms. They do sell a version that uses desktop dimms.

Used it last night to serve "high profile" mp4 videos to a Roku 3 with Plex.    Worked great.

My P/S is 80 watt pico power supply - uses a power brick


It only drew 11 watts (measured with a killa-watt meter) doing this

Completely fanless system. Dead quiet

Couple points to consider:

Although the CPU is fanless, you need to plug in a fan into the CPU fan header for initial boot. I thought I had a dead mb at first

Second, only 2 SATA ports on the MB. You will need a supported X1 pci-e SATA expansion card

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