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best software for server back up


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i have ahp n54l running WHS11 with 250gb hdd for OS and 2x 4tb hard drive for data, on one drive i have files (pic,vid ect), but for 2nd i wanted it to back up the first hard drive including OS, but it wont let me due to the 2tb limit restriction MS has imposed.


is there any way round this? (researched but isnt any ) or could you recommend any software you have used.

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Where are you going to back them up to?  Local or Cloud?

i want the 2nd HDD to back up the 1st HDD, so local.



Since they're data files, use RoboCopy. If you want more info, post back and I'll post links to my backup strategy.



im very new to this server stuff i bought it 4 days ago so storage and back up, if you could show me what RoboCopy id be very gratefull

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Look at the Cloudberry Backup add-in

would this allow me to backup data more than the 2tb limit Microsoft has imposed, just realised this is backing up on a cloud,  i need it to back up on my 2nd Hard drive

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OK, since it's so new, let's start small. RoboCopy is a small program that's already included with your WHS2011. You run it from a CMD prompt. A sample command line to copy everything from D: drive to E: would be:


robocopy d:\ e:\ *.* /s /e /w:1 /r:1 /mir /tee


This command could be saved to a batch file and be scheduled to run automatically every day using Task Scheduler.


I recommend RoboCopy scripting because it isn't bothered by any size limitations at all. It would copy petabytes if needed.

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Use the built in backup for the OS that way can restore if need be, for the data drive on d, robocopy on a script with a copy all on a schedule (say every morning at 6 AM would get you a copy and cover accidental deletion or use it with the /MIRROR command to make an exact copy.  Also I recommend turning on the shadow copy service set for once a day so you can take daily snapshot to recover accidently deleted files on a longer term basis (not a back up but more a convienance) 

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