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Did I make a BooBoo?


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In the course of making the move from V1 to 2011, I needed to tell my Win7 Media center to stop using my old server and start using my New 2011.

Since I didn't name the 2 identically, I figured I go through the MC menus and point it to the new 2011.

MC said that I did not have Home Group turned on, so I went to my 2011 and told it to set up Home Groups.

Well it's been about 2 days of curning and 2011 is still not done setting up Home Groups.

So I took a browse through the forums only to find that Home Groups Don't work and can mess up my 2011.

What do I do now, do I use Task Manager to kill the Home Group task? Will this mess up my Shares?

Next, do I go back to ???

How do I get my MC to use my Shares on my 2011 for Recorded TV? This is the most important part for me.

I had set up my v1 and MC so long ago, I don't remember all the steps I had done to get MC to move recorded shows to the server.

Help please.


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I am sure you will get lots of help on this one, but for starters can I offer the following

  1. Kill the home group (it makes ALL your data accessible to ALL home group computers
  2. This will not effect the shares on the server.
  3. Set permissions for file access for each client/user
  4. (I am assuming you have installed the connector software on the clients?)
  5. As long as your MC computer has "read" access (preferably "read/write) it should see the shares.


I am also presuming you have media sharing turned on in the server? (You will find this under settings)


Finally, you cannot record TV to the server. You must record locally but 2011 has the ability to immediately archive a recording to the server (if you are running W7)

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Take a look at this application called Recorded TV Manager. This WTV files are still pointed to a local folder through Media Center/Settings/TV/Recorder. But this application will then automove the files to your server. It's $10.  Recorded TV Manager 4

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