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N40L Keeps dropping Disk


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Hi, not entirely sure if I'm posting in the right forum so please direct me to the right place if I am. 


I have a N40L with the ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S connected to a High Point 640L Raid controller. 


In the ICY Dock cage I have 2 disks in there currently:

Port 1: 64 SSD for the OS

Port 3: 500GB Samsung HDD in two partitions D: Data and E: Apps


Now whats been happening for some time now is that the drive in port 3, or 2 or, 4 depending on which slot I have the drive in, keeps dropping out of the OS, all the apps running on it die a sad death and then it reconnects a couple seconds later. 


I initially suspected crappy quality SATA cables but swapped those out without any joy. I then blamed the Raid card but connecting the disk directly to port 4 on the board ruled that out and the problem persists. 


I then pulled the disk out of the cage and installed it in an external drive bay with an e-Sata interface. I connected this, with an e-SATA cable and using USB power, to port 5 at the rear of the server and it's been running stable for a few hours now. 


Whats funny is that prior to installing the SSD a couple months back this Samsung disk was my OS disk and I had it in port 1 of the ICY Dock cage. It ran fine then. I then relocated it to port 2 and it ran fine until this past week after a sudden power outage at home. 


I've tested the disks, both OS and data just to be sure, I then tested RAM and no errors reported at all. I also replaced this 500gb drive with a 250gg HDD I had laying around and the issue persists. 


So all signs currently point to ICY Dock cage as the culprit but my question is why? Power possibly? If so how can I test what it should be drawing v.s what it's currently drawing?


Another point to note, in recent months I've been having intermittent power dips at home due to a faulty appliance. My N40L is NOT on UPS!


Any help guys,pretty please!?



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I would get it on a UPS for starters. It sounds like it is the Icy Dock. Can you take the Icy Dock out of the equation to test?

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Hi Schoondoggy, well I have taken the the ICY Dock out of the equation by way of connecting the disk up thru e-SATA in an external drive enclosure. 


The OS disk is still running in the ICY dock though and it is stable. Not entirely sure if there's any power draw difference between SSD and HDD. Suppose there must be since there's no moving parts in the SSD. 


Another odd thing to note. When the data disk was in the ICY Dock, every couple of seconds it would tick over a coupe of times. (the way a disk that is dying normally does close to the end of it's life), Now that I've  put it in the external enclosure it no longer does that. 


EDIT: When I had the Data disk in port 3 of the ICY Dock and I had the sata cable connected to port 4 on the MB, in the AMD Raid Expert Interface It reports that the disk in port 4 has been unplugged and then a few seconds later it reports that the disk has been plugged in. 

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Seems I had a faulty molex cable. Swapped it out. I now have four disks running in the cage with activity on all of them and no drop outs... touch wood!

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