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Hi Guys,


I've been away for some time and my Gen8 has been doing little the recent time, but I randomly bought a P222 Smart Array and got a MSDN subscription for other reasons, so now I want to upgrade my Hyper-V Core to Windows 2012 Standard and restructure my drives pools to run off P222.


My Gen8 setup is 1260L with currently just a 256 SSD and 2xWD Red 3TB.. all good and 2012 R2 Standard is fine.


Thinking ahead I think I presume I have 8 ports (4+4 at 6G) on the P222 and 4 on the P120i (2x3G+2x6G) plus one dodgy SATA/ODD connector


The question now is :

- how many drives can I stash into this little princess without external power supply? I had 5 Green WD in my old N36L and it never complained, but the Xeon processor might be a little more greedy here when it goes turbo boost.. anyone know the math on this?


I'd like to keep the Xeons Turbo boost enabled if possible as I love how responsive my Gen8 is when I need it :P


Further questions that come into my mine:



- What is the max drive setup I can stack into the Gen8 with P222 and Xeon 1260L setup?

- What power does WD Red/Green consume per disc compared to Eg. random SSD drives?


Potential setup:

- Can I use the Cage inside of my old N36L as external rack to the Gen8 P222 by breaking out the mini-SAS and connect it to the Gen8 P222 external connector?

- The rest of the N36L will be running and using the ODE connector drive for the one drive which the little bee need to run Secondary PDC services. I guess that all fine?

- I presume I need abit of extra active cooling on the chipset for when it starts having more 8 drives and eg. calculating parity on Raid 5-6.


Can anyone point out the traps in my suggestion and some alternatives?

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I'm running six drives internally, using the SchoonDoggy Drive Bracket, plus the slim ODD.


-Two Crucail M500 240GB SSDs on the drive bracket, running off the B120i RAID controller.  I chained a 5.25" to two SATA adapter off the standard power supply.

- Four WD Reds running off the P222 RAID controller, on the backplane.

- The Slim ODD running off the SATA port, using HP's specific SATA/power cable.


I have experienced no issues with this setup.  You could also substitute the two SSDs for the 2.5" WD Red drives now on the market.  You could probably also use 2.5" WD Velociraptors, but you'll have increased power usage on those drives (then again, I had zero issues using four 3.5" drives, two 2.5" Velociraptors, and an ODD on my previous Microserver N54L).


Turbo Boost is still enabled on my rig.  Understand that Turbo Boost generally kicks in when one or two cores are under load, so you're probably not really increasing temps a lot using it, as it's designed to boost single-threaded performance.  Also, the chip will throttle itself if it reaches thermal design limits, so you're not placing yourself in any danger there.

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