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Yes, I'm late, late late... trying to install PP3 on my HP485 running the 2.5 software update now. What trick am I missing to get this update done?

First I went to Settings, HP MediaSmart Server, Check for Updates and it "cannot connect".

Next, Settings, General Tab, Windows Update, Update Now, it says "There are no updates available for Windows Home Server".

Any ideas, please? Just bought 3 2TB drives for this and want to put it to work, which I haven't done much so far!

Thank you, enjoy the show very much, glad you have the forums now, WGS and the others are pretty intimidating to someone like me, and all you fellows are so nice people!


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How about if you remote desktop into the WHS and go through the full windows update in Internet Explorer?

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Had trouble installing this "update."

WHS = frankenbuild on VMWare ESXi. Tried several things including installing BETA and uninstalling it. (Previously never had BETA.)

Solution: I needed to manually install the Windows Desktop Search 4 and then PP3 installed perfectly. Most of the home machines are Win 7, so PP3 is perfect.


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Have you installed the PP3 Beta in the past ?

If you did, the beta will still show up as PP2, that's right POWER PACK TWO. All of the version numbers should say 2061 EXCEPT Drive Extender which should still say 2030. Is this what you have ?

Agian, if yes then to uninstall PP3 beta, you have to RDC Remote Desktop Connection and go into Control Panel and Add/Remove programs. Make sure you have a checkbox in " Show Updates" Then look for PP3 beta and uninstall.

Now you can do the Windows Update and it should show up.

Thanks for the kind words,


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