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Where to buy WHS 2011?

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I know this has come up within a number of threads before, but i cannot find them and I figured it would be ok to start one for this topic alone.



I am in need of a copy of WHS 2011. Does anyone know where I could buy a copy? 


FYI, this bigsmart site is a scam  http://www.bigsmartsoft.com/microsoft-windows-home-server-2011/


Thank you,



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I thought of that. Mind you, WHS2011 is still less than half the price of WSE2012(r2). Bit of a hard choice I'm thinking.

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Drashna Jaelre

Well, I would say buy a technet subscription, but Microsoft caught onto that one..... :)


As for hard choice... I don't think it is really. For one reason:

WHS2011 sucks at backing up and restoring UEFI systems. Even with the hotfix. It's more likely to break the system....

WSE is designed around UEFI from the ground up, and doesn't have the same issues. 


And seeing as pretty much EVERY device sold anymore is UEFI by default (required for Windows 8 logo certification).... It makes the decision a lot simplier, IMO.




However, if you can find WHS2011 for around $100 or less, then yes, it's absolutely worth it.

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Don't you technically have to have a business to buy Action Pack?


I've been lucky; I haven't had much in the way of issues re: backing up and restoring UEFI partitions using WHS2011.

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Business?  I fix your computer and you pay me.  That's a business.  However, you do have to pass a couple of competency tests with M$.

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