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anyone run into RPC errors during BMR?


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I've been working for a couple days now to get a solid backup working for Windows Server 2012...  and while the backups themselves would appear to be fine and complete successfully, their restoration is not completing.


Of course, for a nice continuity plan... you got to have a 100% tested process, and I'm falling short here on that last mile.


The error occurs on the data volume and appears right as it starts that portion of the recovery with a RPC unavailable error (code: 0x800706BA).  This volume, just so happens to have data deduplication enabled on several of the containers... and I'm beginning to wonder if there is a problem with this and doing BMRs.


Has anyone else done a BMR with any volumes that have data deduplication involved?


I am now in the process to do a set of backups that are not BMR...  grabbing individual stores for C:\, D:\, and system state...   I'll just rebuild the partition layout by hand with DISKPART and DISM the EFI partition by hand...  should work.


If that fails, I'll just do a DISM on C: and D: to the external storage and see if I can get that to work...   I believe DISM does block copy... errr, I hope that it is block copy or else I'm screwed for that data volume.


I'm also starting to wonder if my WinRE/WinPE build is missing a package or service...  drivers are all updated and injected.   WinPE boots fine and I can manual launch WinRE to begin the restores, but this RPC error is really tripping me up.


here's a link to my MS forum posting:


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Hi Drashna and thanks for the reply,


I'll take a look at those reference links.. i'm sure I've read the second one, but I'll double check the recover system state article.


The system uses fairly standard drivers with the exception of a LPC driver (if I recall), I'll try to pull some details on that one.


For the subsystem, it uses the following:


Chip Number: 82801HR/HH/HO&82801IR/IH/IO(AIE=0)/ICH10R

Chip Description: Raid Controller

Notes: REV_02=ICH8R/9R REV_00=ICH10R REV_05=i5


I've been using the rev 12.9 Intel RST chipset drivers so that I am able to use the RSTCLI toolkit to configure the array in WinPE. Perhaps I'll double check how I put the new array together with RSTCLI... it's a new tool for me, so I could have easily missed something important.





I see that in the post link, that Shaon makes a question asking if it was a DC attempting to be restored. In my case, this is a DC. The only DC in fact, and I'm now wondering if I need to spin a VM as a secondary controller. Would seem odd. This is suppose to be a BMR and the root and system partitions get restored, just not the data volume.

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That is definitely odd. I've restored a DC more than a few times..... without any issues. 

And the intel drivers shouldn't matter.

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yes, that is what I was thinking... strange. I'll have time to dig into this again over the weekend.

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Odd. I've just started getting a similar issue on my WSE12R2 box that has been working great.  BMR backups with server backup have been flawless.  Here's my post.  What would cause this?



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