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Docker vs. VM's


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So, in simple terms, docker is a lightweight container that utilizes a set of technologies in the Linux kernel . These technologies allow you to have segmented a network, disk, and process space per container.


You end up running apps, services, etc from a sandbox. Its very lightweight because you don't have the overhead of running a full operating system every time you want to try out new apps.


I am over simplifying here, but that's a really high level explanation.

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It works really well for development because it gives you a repeatable means to service deployment.


Instead of doing things manually, it forces you to be declarative. This has benefits, like tracking changes to your dockerfile as if it was code.


Since its repeatable, it also makes it easier to throw away containers after you are done with them. Heck, why keep them around, you can always recreate them.


Last, for home use its great because you can test and mock with things without worrying about screwing up your server.

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Have you considered talking to Dave about how this could apply to the homeserver environment? Would make for a great podcast.

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Yeah, Fedora has been running project atomic to compete with CoreOS in distributed docker management:




It also brings a web front-end but its early stages right now:




Also, one step higher is Panamax from CenturyLink Labs. They are trying to make a PaaS out of docker, and it looks great!


Edit: Added panamax info

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