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Best Practice for Multiple VM's


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I was recently trying a few Linux VM's with VMWare and came away impressed for the most part. It may have been

coincidence, but later my 2011 box was having difficulty backing up the drive where the VM files were stored. 

I deleted all the files/folders and then backup completed. I have my OS on an SSD and all of my data

on a 2TB green where I was also storing the VM files. 



Is there a best way to store the files for multiple VM's on a drive. Lastly, would you store them on a completely 

different drive or is on the data drive usually okay?


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I was actually impressed with some of the most recent Linux distros. Unlike many I have been fairly displeased

with Win 8.1 in general. I am using a brand new Lenovo Yogo Pro2 at work with a Core i7 processor. It hangs

very frequently, and has an even worse amount of programs not responding errors than I do at home. .


If my wife wouldn't divorce me I would have a 27" iMac sitting on my desktop tomorrow.  I just ordered an extra

SSD and might try a Linux distro such as Deepin for day to day operations and see how it goes.

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On decent hardware, WIndows 8 has no issue. However, a lot of the OEM tablets are crap. Making a potentially bad UI design into a nightmare. 
I wouldn't be surprised if the CPU was actually overheating and throttling down the CPU, making the system unresponsive. 



But as for the multiple VMs.... That may depend on how VMWare is locking the files and accessing them. I'm guessing that excluding them from being backed up is out of the question?

I'd also be curious to see what exactly the errors are for the backup and for VSS.


Also, if this is on Windows 8, any reason that you're using VMWare over the client HyperV role?

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Yes, I'm sure it probably is the fault of Lenovo. The hardware is nice, but poorly written drivers etc. are inexcusable for a premium machine. When you open two tabs in IE and one of them freezes, that isn't acceptable. Darn thing froze as I was typing this.


I was having better luck with VMWare with all of the different distros and was using the free player. I had problems with the built in vm on windows in the past.


When you run VM do you typically have any problems storing the files on the data drive for example?

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My Win8 install was essentially ruined. Wasn't sure if the VM work could have caused problems or the software beta. 

I'm leaning towards the software as things went downhill pretty quickly after I installed it. This wasn't helped by

the fact Avast identified a file in the install as suspect and it deleted it during install.

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