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Microserver G8 restriction downloads from Support


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I got my Microserver G8 base model few days ago from an EU online shop and got it delivered here in Greece.


I registered an HP passport account and linked the product to my account.


It shows i still got warranty up to 24/07/2015 but i cant download some files like:




I know the policy of HP has changed since Feb 2014 but, shouldnt i be able to download FIRMWARE updates or similar things while i am still under warranty or i have to purchuase a care pack ?


HP Greece has no idea they just gave me the following link to follow instructions about how to link the product to my account that i already had done.




I havent recieve any Service Agreement ID (SAID) to link to my account, shouldnt i be able to download under warranty?


Thanks in advance!

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That's a very good question. From what you're experiencing I suspect HP is demanding you have a Care Pak. I seem to recall the posts about it saying that a Care Pak is required. It will be interesting to hear what you find out.

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As long as you are under warranty you should be fine:

NOTICE:Access to the SPP now requires validation via the HP Support Center (HPSC). An active warranty or HP support agreement is required to download it.For more information, please view the SPP Warranty/Support Agreement Validation document.


Have you tried downloading individual files from here:



Here is the download for SPP:



Here is the download for SUM:


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Hello again,


I know that  An active warranty or HP support agreement is required to download it


I can only download HP Smart Update Manager from the 2 links, it doesnt need an account at all


On the SPP i click on iso and it finaly gives me this:




Here is the server show on support site:









I think there is something wrong if you look here:




Any ideas?

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If you purchased it new, call HP Support and open a support case.  Tell them you have proof of the purchase date.  Scan your invoice (or if it's online or e-mailed, save it as a PDF) and send it to the support tech.  Your warranty will be updated to reflect the purchase date; this takes around 24-48 hours.  That should ensure you have a valid warranty for your downloads, and that things are working properly.

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I did a  ticket already, will wait for the answer.


Strange ii have to do all this while its under warranty.

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Hi Guys, 


I'm a newby to HP Proliant Microserver GEN8. 

Just bought a G1610T model and upgraded it to E3-1265Lv2 processor. 


I'm also trying to install my first OS. The goal is to have ESXi 6.0 up and running. But have to wait for the memory expansion (from 2GB to 16GB), currently ESXi fails to install. 


In the meantime, I'm trying to get aquatinted with this piece of hardware. It looks pretty neath :)

And I've been reading a lot in the homeserver forum! 


Came to the point that I wan't to download the "HP Service Pack for Proliant 2015.06.0

But bumped into the download limitation while the GEN8 isn't registered yet. 


It took me a while to figure out that I need to register the GEN8 though the ILO (remote support / register) in orde to to able to download. 

Somehow the warranty periode started already in February this year(?!), Although I bought the server on July 20. (warranty last till March 2016) 


So far so good, up till now the GEN8 is registered and linked to my HP account. 

Yet downloading of the service pack is still not possible, after selecting the download option for the ISO file, it links me to:

- - - 

access to the kiosk product denied. 

Possible reason is: A wrong URL link of your site is provided to Software Depot.  
Please check with your support. 

or click on the link below to login to your kiosk: 

Kiosk Login

- - - 


Although I'm already logged into the kiosk. 

Maybe I just need to wait for over night backup processing of the registration. (although visible in my dashboard) 


Just wanted to share my registration information. 

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Although I'm already logged into the kiosk. 

Maybe I just need to wait for over night backup processing of the registration. (although visible in my dashboard) 



Just bumped into this post: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5639-proliant-microserver-gen8-links/

Which contains a link to the HP FTP site to download the ISO file for Service Packt :) 


Thanks for sharing ! 

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