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Guide to Win7/MCE VM for CableCard/XBOX extenders?


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I am planning to move from WHS 2003 (ex495) to essentials R2. Just found the podcast and heard that one can run WIn7/MCE as a VM and use it for a CETON calbecard tuner/extenders etc.


Having never used a VM before (and knowing how painful the CETON/cablecard can be) I was hoping someone had a guide  / place to start


1. Which VM is best for this purpose/easiest to setup?

2. How did you get past the cablecard advisor and the DHCP protection?

3. How much RAM do you need for the VM??


Going with the podcast review of the servers I am getting:


TS140 Xenon version

3TB red x3

StableBit vs Drive bender (waiting to listen to that podcast tonight on way home)

2012 Essentials

Plex on server


Right now I have a separate core2 duo box doing nothing but running win7 and ceton cablecard for MCE extender and for XBMC tuners (using the MCE plugin for the tuner support on the network).


So my home would end up being


Server 2012 essentials + Win7/MCE as a VM

XBOX 360 extender (front room)

XBMC 2 other rooms (tuning from the VM with the ServerWMC software)


Thanks for the help in advance...



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On podcast 264 ...


They were discussing the new cheap servers like the Lenovo TS140. It was mentioned that (I forgot who) has essentials running with Win7 as a VM and cablecard.


I thought about it and it should be possible but I really don't know where to start.. even in terms of which VM is best/easiest for this.


As I thought about it also, to get the cablecard to work you must go through the cable advisor. How will this pass as a VM??

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Good point. Currently I have a single HTPC in the house with gigabit LAN network streaming media across my LAN from the WSE12R2 box. We watch so little live TV anymore, yet the HTPC has an InfiniTV 6 ETH tuner attached.

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I ran a Win 7 VM as my cable TV recorder, but it wasn't with a Ceton. It should work with a Ceton as long as you use the network attach, but I believe you'll have to have the card operational in whatever physical box you install it anyway, so that kind of defeats the purpose. I was using an HD HomeRun Prime for four tuners with the cablecard and another two tuner HD HomeRun for OTA recording. Since they both send their captured video over network, it was simple to associate them with the VM.


It's been a while, but I also recall having to run a program called - appropriately enough -  Override Digital Cable Advisor to get WMC to allow me to add the tuners to the VM. 

If you're interested I've uploaded a copy of the program and instructions to Copy.com https://copy.com/aG9LQ7RvrMKn

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