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Network Problems with all Gen8 Microservers


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1# Sorry for my bad English!


i have with all my 3x Gen8 Microservers the same Network Problems.


First my Setup:

The First Server at Work:

OS: Hyper-V Server 2012 R2
Drivers and Firmware are all Up2Date.

NIC config: There is a NIC Team with LAN 1 and LAN2. This Team is connected to the external Hyper-V vSwitch.

There is one VM Running with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials


The Networkerror is Reproduceable. If i copy some GB of Data over the Network to the VM. The Hyper-V Switch Stops Working. There is no external conectivity anymore. But the Hyper-V Host and VM is Running and Ping each other.

If i restart the Hyper-V (Gen8 Microserver), the Network works fine. Another Workaround is to delete the Network Teaming and configure it again.


Then i have two more Gen8 Servers at Home:

OS Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter

They are Running as an Hyper-V Failover Cluster and they have the same Network Issues.

The Shared Storage is connected over SMB3

There are also NIC Teams connected to the vSwitch. The Network works fine to the moment where i copy some GB of Data. Then i must restart the Gen8


All Servers are Installed over the Inteligent Provisioning Feature.


On All Systems there are these Firmware and Driver Versions:

HP Proliant System Rom: 11/09/2013

HP Proliant System Rom Backup: 11/09/13

HP Proliant System Rom Bootblock: 02/04/2012

iLO:1.50 May 07/2014

Inteligent Provisioning: 1.60.217

Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware:

System Programmable Logic Device: 0x06


LAN Driver: 16.4.01

Smart Array B120i Controller:


Anyone can Help me? I Have the Same Setup with Fujitsu RX300 Servers at Work. No Problems.

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Well, the obvious thing would be to try it without teamed NICs, see if that makes a difference. You need to isolate what is causing the problem. To do that you need to break it down and test individual modules. So, the first step is the break down the network architecture and determine whether the problem is related to NIC Teaming or not.

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what type of switch are you using. In my personal experience unless your using a managed switch where you can trunk the ports into a link aggregation group (that's what it is called on an HP V1910 though cisco has a slightly different name.) 

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I may well be wrong because I can't say I've ever tried it, but I suspect NIC teaming doesn't work properly if you try to do it on the Hyper-V host directly.


I would think that a better way would be to create multiple (well two) virtual switches and assign one physical LAN port to each. Then assign (add new hardware) both virtual connectors to the virtual machine and team these together within the virtual machine itself. I know that this scenario is fully supported.



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Good info jem101. If geoigeek's testing shows that NIC Teaming is the issue, then your info may well prove to be the way to get it to work.

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If you're teaming the NICs inside the guests, there is an option in HyperV for that. Make sure it's checked.


If you're teaming on the host... well, don't using HyperV with that...

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@Dashna no, teaming on Host is configured. With my old NL36 it Works fine.
@yodafett I use an Netgear GS724TP. I have test it with Static Trunk LAG, LACP and with normal Port Config as Switch Independent config on the Host. With the NL36 all config Variants works fine.

I have tested it without NIC-Teaming. A single NIC Bounded to the Hyper-V vSwitch> Same Problem.
Now i configure another Switch. A HP Procurve 2530, i post the Results.


What Network Driver Version have you Guys installed on your Gen8?

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@schoondoggy an Intel Pro dual Port NIC

IF the Internal is aktivated in the Bios, the N36L won't boot with Windows Server 2012 R2

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