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Microsoft officials are beginning to sound the support warning bell for customers running a number of its popular products, including Windows 7, Windo

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 Bummer: http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-warns-of-pending-support-deadlines-for-windows-7-office-2010-sp1-windows-server-2003-and-more-7000031348/ 


My Win 7 HTPC is running so well, I hope I can keep it around for awhile. I heard there were problems running the WMC on Win 8. I hope they will support WMC in Win 9.


But I think these OS's will still get Security updates until 2020, but maybe not the latest IE browser or so.

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I think, at this point, most people really don't care about any new features for WHS2011 at least - the security updates are the main thing.

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it seems that all we are getting are security updates for Windows 7 for the last few years anyway  -  what "new" features have been added to Win 7 ?   They aren't even updating their  "live apps" anymore.



We aren't even getting a service pack 2 for windows 7  WTH !!!!



M$ better be careful -  with 3rd party Antivirus and Chrome/ Firefox,  my grandchildren could be safely running windows 7 in high school  ( I have zero Grandkids right now)

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Drashna Jaelre

Umm, support ends 2020 for Windows 7. No new features maybe, but security updates until then. Same with XP. Mainstream support ended for XP in 2009, actually.


This is much more of "the sky is falling (because I didn't read the fine print)" or "Microsoft is evil and trying the fleece you of all your money" posts.... 

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