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VPN No internet

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Hi Ikon


As far as I know the usg 20 client software for the VPN has to be bought, Iam been cheap and trying to do it with what I have, Also I will try the bridge mode your talking about.


Also I cant get the server to stop crying about port 80 and 443 when I setup the remote access and vpn in the dashboard when I have had the router in bridge mode in the past, I ve even tried it in router/modem mode and forwarded the ports but still have had no luck with it, different issue anyway.


According to this article, it doesn't seem to be an extra cost, at least not for the SSL VPN. It seems this guy just configured the SSL VPN and started using it. There were a couple of gotchyas, but he describes them quite well: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/security/security-reviews/31488-zyxel-usg20-unified-security-gateway-reviewed?start=3. If you're trying to set up an IPsec VPN you might have to buy the Greenbow client, but why bother - just use SSL. It's free and it works.

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Guest techyguyni

that's very much for the update ikon, much appreciated.


I ll take a look at that link.



I fyou can find out how to have open nat with the xbox 360 I would be very greatfull

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that's a review more than anything, not a a-z on what steps to take to enable and setup a vpn ikon


I figured you could handle the configuration; my point was that you should be able to use VPN without paying for a client. I'm sure there must be tons of articles on how to set up an SSL VPN on the USG 20. The other thing, of course, is to call Zyxel Tech Support. Or......


you can just get rid of the Zyxel and use something that's easier to configure.

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I run Untangle. Others in the forums run pfSense or Sophos UTM (the former Astaro UTM). These are all software firewalls that you run on a PC. Most of us have implemented them on an old, spare PC. All of them are free.


I believe all of them have VPN capability, so you could remove VPN from your server.


Untangle has OpenVPN, an SSL VPN. It can be configured as a VPN Server or Client, and can be set up to allow connection by individual computers or other networks (site to site).


There are, of course, other hardware routers/firewall available. A number of them can run DD-WRT, which can also do VPN.

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Sorry, I haven't used a HW router as my gateway in years. But, like I said, if you get one that can run DD-WRT then you know you have one that can do VPN.

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