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Slow network performance with ESXi 5.5


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What network speeds are you guys getting who run ESXi 5.5 on the T20?

I have tested three different NICs. An intel server NIC, the builtin NIC and another Intel nic. I dont get faster speed then 360 mbit. Slow, slow, slow... Its nothing wrong with the NICs, i am getting lot better performance on them on mi n54l.


Latest vmware tools, latest bios, latest ESXi...

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I add some more info. Maybe its not my ESXi that is the trouble. :-)


Using an Macbook Pro, with both OSX and Windows 8.1 (in Boot camp).


I transferred an ISO from a VM on my ESXi host to my computer that was 4.23 GB big.


Macbook pro OSX Maverick with latest patches = 63 sec

Macbook Pro with Windows 8.1 with latest patches and NIC drivers = 53 sec

HP Probook = 39 sec


Very smooth transfer on the HP. 113 mb/sek (904 mbit) On the Mavbook Pro with OSX and Windows 8.1 in Bootcamp it looks like this:

And this is a good transfer on the Macbook pro, normally it go down to 30-45 mb/sec


Any idea how to fix this transfer problem?



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