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Moving From Storage Spaces to DrivePool and Scanner


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My main desktop has the Win 8.1 OS on a 120GB SSD and data in a Storage Spaces with 3 different spinners.

I have an issue in that it reports my total storage space and remaining space two different ways. I've been

very pleased with the performance of DrivePool and Scanner on my WHS2011 box.


I have the Storage Space backed up on 2011 as well as a synced backup of the data within a folder on the 2011

box. Has anyone switched from Storage Spaces on Win8 and if so how did it go? I assume I would be better

off restoring from the backup on 2011 and not simply syncing the data back to the PC from the server folder?

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Unfortunately, there isn't a really good way to convert from Storage Spaces to DrivePool.


There are several methods to do so, but it's all basically copying the files off of the Storage Spaces volume, onto other disks, and then breaking it up.


The simplest way would be to add the Storage Space volume to a Pool. Then move the files into the hidden "PoolPart" folder, add other disks (enough to hold the contents) and then remove the Storage Space volume from the pool. (Or use the "Disk Space Limiter" aka "File Placement Limiter" balancer to clear out the contents and then remove the volume).

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Thanks Drashna. Trying to work through 2011 not backing up the Storage Space at the moment. ? related to bad sectors where chkdsk doesn't report problems, but scanner does. Once backed up I'll just delete everything and build a new pool with DrivePool.

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