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HP Microserver - BAD FLASH


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HP ProLiant MicroServer G7 N54L 1P 2GB-U Non-hot Plug SATA 250GB 150W PS Server


Hi there Guys, 

Done quite a bit of research now, tried every method I found to no avail.


I'll just stop at this point and tell you that I'm not actually too bothered about it being borked, because HP are sending me a new one anyway :)


But as a geek, and as you probably can relate to, I don't like to be defeated!


Cut a long story short, I borked the bios. Probably because I downloaded the OFFICIAL HP latest update, replaced the ROM file with the HACKED one and just renamed the batch install file to find it.

    Well the update ran fine and all the bits got erased and re-programmed and everything seemed hunky-dory until the dreaded power cycle.


Basically I'm left with a red light of death. Power LED - Green, Health LED - RED (occasionally flashes very briefly orange when I drain the CMOS charge). Fans on. No USB power/activity (KBD led's dont respond).   I've reseated everything, swapped DIMM locations. not tested the PSU.


I DO have another identical machine but I don't want to fry that one, and as I said, i'm getting a new board under warranty anyway.


I think basically the commands I read for the BIOS flash include wiping the BOOT BLOCK, which is where the recovery area is incase of borking.


Just wondering if anyone else totally bricked it and a fair warning to those who randomly go renaming files *thinking* they know what they are doing!



John G!

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Well Guys... you will never believe this.... but I decided to stay up late and play with some wires... and SPIPGM2...


I've just got my first "Read"!






Here's to NOT being defeated!

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GOOD NEWS! - The flash went WELL!


Red light of death has GONE and system now boots!


I'll have to do a write up!






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Wow, that's a lot of test leads on 1 poor little chip ;)


Congrats on getting it going. And, by all means, please do a writeup; I'm sure it will help others down the line.

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