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Cloud Storage Guide Update


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Wow! Much has changed in the Could Storage world in the last year.  I took a second this morning to update the guide that I have been working on for the last 2 years.  It would be great if you take a quick peek and let me know if I missed anything our need to update links.  its a big task.


Highlighting some changes, it has been a year that we said goodbye to Ubuntu One and Megacloud.  We also saw big changes and lower prices from MediFire who now offers 1TB of storage for $24 a year.  OneDrive and GoogeDrive have also slashed prices.


There is a list of sites I still need to add at the bottom of the post.  But what else have I missed?




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Never heard of those guys.  I will have to add it to the list and check it out!  Anyone else have any experience with them?

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If this is still being maintained ... time for an update

- B2 offering from Backblaze

- unlimited from OneDrive


I'd also find it useful to have some bandwidth figures e.g. OneDrive is heavily throttled I believe.

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