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VM performance and usb device from remote


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 I've surf quite a time in regards of VM under ESXi. But some point are really not clear.
Maybe if someone can help out in that ..?

 I'm planning a i7 4770s 16gig with ESXi for : 1 vm as NAS , 1vm as Win7 , 1vm as win7 for testing purposes.

- If i use a 4770s to run let say : autocad or Rhino cad. Is running those on a VM with 2 or 3 core and with 5gig of ram can result in same performance as a desktep core i5 ?

- If i whant to use USB device controller or Joystick, do i must always plug it into the VM main server or i can access the controller via a thin
slow remote desktop that i log into the VM ?


 (Like the worst case but best example : can i plug a joystick into a rasberyypi and have the joystick working into the vm ? )

Thanks in advance

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My bet would be yes you should be able to use on the client computer depending on the software used for the vm. It should be set as an input device such as keyboard or mouse. Keep us updated with your results. Cheers.

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You will not even begin to stress that cpu with only three machines.  I run an i5 2500 with about 10 machines running at any one time and I rarely spike over 10%

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