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Does anyone have the matching PS1810-8G switch for the Gen8?


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I'm wondering what anyone thinks of it if they own it.


I do not plan on switching out my Gen8 any time soon.  I have all the power I need for the foreseeable future.  I have the SchoonDoggy drive bracket giving me all the extra expansion room I need.  I have an HP Carepack which covers the server and (because it is installed) the P222 RAID controller.


I am redesigning my network.  Moving the router (ASUS RT-AC66U) upstairs because my network is downstairs and there is one room I'm having Wifi signal issues with.  This means I'll go from cable modem downstairs up to router (which will go to upstairs devices) and one port will go back downstairs for my network devices there including the server.


I'd like to de-clutter, and this switch seems like one way I can do it.  Unfortunately, it's pricier than I'd like (cheapest I've found is one used for $109.99 with $6.99 shipping, new, the cheapest is about $133.99), but it is managed, has VLAN support, and LAG support, plus it apparently has a lifetime warranty.  It also can be identified by the Gen8's iLO for further monitoring.


Anyone have one, and if so, what do you think?

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I have one. It came as part of a special offer when my wife brought the Gen8. It's a decent performing switch.


I have a pair of vlans on it. One running normal traffic and not her running iscsi from my N54l to my Gen8 that runs esxi. My eventual plan is to add other Gen8 into the mix running a Xeon CPU to handle vmotion.


The best thing about is my servers sit in the corner of my front room and nobody even notices. All the activity lights are on the back so it's nice and discreet.


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I have one here yep.



With a 2 port Balance ALB bond in Linux (Debian) it does not cause a bottleneck moving almost 200MB/s out to the network.


I wrote a tutorial on how to build the microserver gen8 and the ps1810-8g switch as a project collaboration server for indiestor (which is an open source software that I've been working on for the last 2 years):



In my view the combination is great for the cost!



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