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Ts140 Configuration/Build help


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Just remember, the draw really has little to nothing to do with the size of the PSU - it's all about what's connected to the PSU. That said, having a 1,000 Watt PSU for a 50 to 100 Watt load is a bit inefficient. :)

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So I'm experimenting with the Easy Installation disk. 1st time failed, so I'm giving it a 2nd whirl.

Attached is a screen shot of OS choices. Notice that WHS 2011 is not listed.

1st time I choose Windows 2008/VM...., which failed.

Maybe choosing Windows 2011 Escentials will work ??

Let me know what you think?



IMG_0569 (Medium).JPG

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I'm not sure you need to use that disk ... can't you just install from WHS CD and then add drivers after the initial install from the Lenovo disk (they are in the DRIVERS folder)?

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Went through the same thing last weekend.  The EasyStartup-assisted installation failed when it looked like WHS2011 was nearly finished installing.  Don't stress about it not working. Unless you were installing like 10 of these in a row, it really isn't all that helpful of a utility. You're just putting all your info in during lenovo's setup process instead of microsoft's and they're dropping in driver installs along the way.  Download the newest EasyStartup ISO (v3.81f when i was doing mine) and mount or burn it and launch it in WHS 2011 if you want all the drivers collected in one place with a nice little GUI (Other than that, "EasyStartup" was is kind of useless for me).  You can, of course, just download the drivers that apply to your system individually on the lenovo support site, but the EasyStartup disk has them all and I couldn't find an example of a newer one on the site than was on the disk.


Don't forget to update BIOS either by burning the newest EasyUpdate ISO from lenovo's support site and booting from it, or running the windows installer (either are very easy!).


The only thing I don't have working currently is the sound card, but I haven't really tried to make it work yet since i'll never use it.


Equally stoked on this guy! Keep us posted on your experiences!

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Up[date: Now that I have 2011 up and running for a week now. Thought I chime in.

My configuration and load in went well (Not using the Lenovo Pre-Install disk). I did do a BIOS update after the install. No issues.

After a few installation tries to see if I liked the out come. Here is what I did.

1st, I only had my SSD connected for initial install. WHS2011 partitioned the drive as C,D,E.

After all the updates were completed, I hooked up my 1st 2T WD-Black. Using the Dashboard, I moved all my Shared folders to the New drive.

Than I Installed Drive Bender. & Shut down, I than hooked up my 2 other 2T WD-Reds.

Booted, and than configured my Pool in Drive bender to span all 3 drives (Black + 2 Reds).

Took a Day and half to load back my Share's files form my Back up HD (V1 Shares). using a external USB 2.0 hd.

Also, I copied my Recorded TV from V1 to 2011.

I finally installed the Connector onto my old XP box and started to do a back up. This box has a 10/100 NIC, so it was very slow. So far about 2 days to do a back up. Which I;m not sure why it is that slow.

I will keep an eye on this and see if my Vista Box with a 1G NIC performs better.


I can note: I hooked up a Kill-o-Watt and can report that the Lenovo is pulling about 44 watts. At my local rate, it will cost about $30/year to operate the TS140. I can live with that.


I do have a question. When installing the connector on the client side, it requires each box to have a log in. Post installation, can I disable the required login on that box?


Any other tips on surviving 2011 would be appreciated.

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