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Ts140 Configuration/Build help


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Thanks to Taffeys CDW deal, I just ordered this unit.(with  Zeon) I'm planning on finally moving my V1 to 2011 with this build. Although I love my V1.

I'm looking for ideas on as to how to configure the hardware. I'm going to be putting in 4-6 drives.

I have 4 2T drives in my V1 that will eventually be moved to this box.

I was thinking of putting in either Raptor or SSD for the OS.

Was going to use Drive Bender in lieu of the raid in the box-Yes/no?

Any other hardware advise? Cabling?  Maybe any IceyDock?



I will be planning on using it for the following.

Back ups,

Streaming video

iHome Server with HandBrake. for Rippings

Pulseway (system monitoring & reporting)-formally Pc Monitor

Windows Smart


Possible use could be Home Security/Automation.

Maybe, just maybe, a VM-which is a whole animal until it self.


Thanks in advance.


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WHS 2011 max memory is 8GB, you should upgrade the memory to meet that. If you are thinking of virtualization, then 16-32GB would be in order.

There is room for 5 drives. You could pull one of the 5.25" trays and replace with a 4 drive IcyDock. The server has 5 SATA ports, you will need more ports if you have more drives.

I would add a NIC as well and just use the on-board Ethernet port for management.

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Change of Direction.

Since I cannot get past the Driver issues for V1. I'm going to go ahead and install 2011.

My question has to do with the Extra installation disks that came with both TS140 & WHS 2011.

These both are "Pre-Installation" in short, do I mess with these, if so, which is 1st the Ts140 Pre-disk or the 2011 Pre-disk?

Also, I was thinking of using a 64g SSD for the OS, I made a quick attempt to do so (following the instructions posted on this forum with CFG.ini mod), it stalled looking for Drivers.

My question is, which I could not find on the forums, Is there a long term issue with the size of the OS being 60g? That is, does the drive eventually fill up and run out of space?


Although I have not given up on V1, If I created a VM for v1, how do I handle the usage of 5-6 drives that will be running DE?

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Any thoughts on use of the "Pre-Installation disks supplied by both 2011 & Lenovo ts140?

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Got my TS140 this week. I plan to use a Samsung 120GB SSD as the primary drive. I have 2 Seagate HDDs to use as the secondary and tertiary drives. I see the extra SATA connectors but I dont see any free power connectors for the secondary and tertiary drives.


Please help point me to the best way to power the secondary and tertiary drives.



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