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Back up Shares to Online Cloud Storage


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Hi all,


I want to back up specific shares to an online back up such as OneDrive or Amazons Cloud storage.


How is everyone else achieving this?


I was considering installing the cloud app supplied by MS or Amazon, and then using SyncToy, if it will run to copy over the files. This could then be automated using a schedule. I haven't tested this so I'm not sure if SyncToy will even run, although I can't see why it wouldn't.


I'd be interested in hearing other peoples solutions.





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With services like Dropbox and OneDrive, I have installed the client software on the server.  You can set whatever drives you like to sync.  Don't have to worry about schedules.   No issues with OneDrive.  Sometime get a syncing error with Dropbox that is fixed by stopping and starting the service.


Doing this on WHS 2011.  Will be testing it on WS2012R2e very soon.

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There just doesn't seem to be a perfect solution as far as I can tell. This could be due to the fact that OneDrive isn't really meant to be used as a backup source.


I tried Allway Sync and that worked, although it was very slow. When it finished and I tried to sync again it told me the destination files were all newer and started to sync again. I couldn't find away around this.


I looked at Cloudberry and Amazon S3 but that seemed expensive for both the software and Amazon S3 storage,


I don't want to use the OneDrive app as I don't want to have all my pictures in a sub-directory.


I did find a small piece of software called SyncDriver which seems to do the job and has a small footprint. It's been running for 12 hours now and is still syncing my pictures, will see what happens when it's completed.

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