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Does a rebuild count as a build?


After some frustration with newer boards a friend generously donated his old Athlon XP tower. I've cleaned it up, replaced the fans and disk drives and I'm "running it in" now. One of the 80mm intake fans pushes air over a mirrored pair of 320G PATA drives, the other is just below that and mostly serves to balance the 120mm exhaust fan at the back of the case. For ease of cabling I put both hard drives are on a single ATA channel. Next week I'm going to set both drives to "master" and put each on its own cable. My hope is that this will improve throughput from the RAID array.



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I have many (but not all) of the parts I would need to build something similar using SATA drives. Barton will serve as somewhere to backup my files until the new machine is ready.

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