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So I built a new box for my home lab... Long time no see.


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Hi all,

I have not posted here for awhile but recently used the forums as a resource as I decided it was time for me to build a new server for my LAB. Surprisingly enough I've never built a server for myself and have always just used older servers from my clients (usually old Acer servers or entry level Dells, one of the benefits of working as a contractor I suppose. The trouble with this is the hardware is usually insufficient and I decided I'd treat myself to something new for a change.

I already had a spare 500gb SAS drive and a 430 watt power supply lying around, both of which where brand new, albeit brand new 3 years ago :P
I went ahead and ordered the following from my supplier:

  1 XSPC 120mm Xinruilian Fan 2000RPM
  1 MSI Radeon 5450 1GB
  1 ASRock B85M-PRO4 Motherboard
  1 Intel Xeon E3 1230 V3
  1 Highpoint RocketRAID 640L Controller
  3 Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001
  2 Kingston Hyper X Fury HX316C10FRK2/16 16GB (2x8GB) Red
  1 SOHO 5113D3 ATX Mid Tower Case

Bang for buck was the aim with this build, I would have got the slightly faster xeon for a little extra but my supplier didn't have one in stock and I wasn't prepared to wait the few weeks it'd take for him to get stock so I settled on the 1230 v3. It all went together fairly easily, but since I was building this server after work I decided to not test bench everything which was my down fall as after admiring my work I went to power it on and got absolutely nothing. I thought it may have been the power button on the case acting up (very cheap case, do not recommend!) so i shorted the two pins with my car keys, the fans span for a small amount of time but then nothing. I didn't want to pull it apart to test bench each component so I just went to bed slightly peeved. Weirdly enough I solved the problem in my sleep, or something as I woke up and new what the issue would be, the cheap case I bought was shorting out the motherboard. I put electrical tape on the standoffs and away it went.

I have 2012 r2 installed on the box at the moment and plan to use it as a hyper-v host but I still need to configure the rocketraid card which i'm nervous about the as 640L gets really bad press in Australia but it's cheap so I thought I'd give it ago. I initialized the disks and created a raid 5 array using the 3 2tb drives but could not see the volume in windows server. I presume this is a driver issue as it has not been connected to my network yet to download drivers and I'm yet to install anything off of the driver cds that came with the hardware (I was just stoked it booted and installed fine, then I had to leave for work). Hopefully I'll be able to sort that out when I get home, join it to my domain and begin the retirement process of my current server. Can anybody with a rocketRAID card confirm that 2012 does not support them out of the box? I had a quick look at device manager before I left and I saw a whole bunch of hardware was missing drivers so I just presumed one of those little yellow exclamation marks will be for the RAID card. Also do you think a 430 watt power supply will be enough to power this box? I plan to run it 24/7 so I guess i'll find out, it was a cheap power supply I bought for a particularly cheap client (always complained that I.T cost too much) three years ago but I never ended up having to use it, I'm not sure how I feel about using it in my new server. Lol.


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