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Recommendation for Software to Backup to Amazon S3?

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Hi Guys,


I am looking to replace a backup solution for a business that is charging $41.95 a month to backup 20GB of data to the cloud.


This is for a healthcare office so HiPAA compliance is imperative. I have found that Amazon S3 will sign a business associate agreement (BAA) and that BAA Is important to maintaining that compliance. So I have decided on S3 for my cloud storage. The server is running 2008 R2 Foundation.


I need software that will do the backup (straight folder backup with no databases involved) to Amazon S3. I also need full AES-256 bit encryption and I would prefer to have compression (not mandatory) and email notifications upon completion/failure.


I have found cloudberry for servers for $79.99. cloudberrylab.com/amazon-s3-windows-server-backup.aspx


I have found duplicati (free, but no GUI or email notificiations.) http://www.duplicati.com/


I have also found this powershell script (free, not sure about how the restore would work and it doesn't have built in notifications (could they be added?)) http://codeblog.theg2.net/2010/02/powershell-7-zip-amazon-s3-upload.html



Please help me decide on a software solution to replace this ridiculous backup service that's currently implemented. If anyone is comfortable with Powershell and could help explain that script and knows how to add email notifications to it...that would great...  I'm not necessarily looking for a free solution, but if the powershell is reliable and works well then i'm all for it. The same with duplicati. 


As always, thanks for your time and expertise! 


Long Live HSS and Server's in the home!



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I'm going to suggest you go with the CloudBerry, if it does everything you want. The reason: this is a business - continuity is key. Let's say you get the PowerShell scripts running just the way you want. Now, for some reason, you're no longer around/available to the company. Who is going to understand those scripts, especially coming in cold, and especially if a Restore is needed?


CloudBerry would be easier for a new person coming in to understand, wouldn't it? Also, if they have trouble using CloudBerry, they should be able to call CloudBerry Support and get help with it.

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I've been using Cloudberry for a while now, and I'm generally happy with it.  Encryption, compression, differentials...it's all there.  I would suggest you get a copy of S3 Explorer Pro to go with it to help diagnose issues.

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