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Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 Tower Server System (70A4001LUX) Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2GHz 4GB $379.99


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Alright, I'm sure this isn't the hardest information to find so sorry for being lazy (I did give it about 20 min w/goggle), but...  Should I get an i3 ($270) or XEON ($370)? 

  • I will not be pushing this machine very hard, just serving up files, backing up 8 (max) clients, crashplan, subsonic...
  • I care most about keeping the thing cool and quiet.
  • I care about warranty and it looks like there are minor differences between the 2 systems, but I'm having a hard time finding details so if there's anyone who has already researched this that can give me the simple breakdown... All I can find is as follow:
    • i3: Limited Next Business Day On-Site Warranty (not exactly sure what that means) + 1 Year Parts & Labor
    • XEON: 1-Year On-Site Warranty + (I think) 1 Year Parts & Labor


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The XEON gives you higher performance and ATM remote access:


Intel® Advanced Management Technology
9.0 with remote KVM* (Xeon® models)
Intel® Standard Manageability tools
(Pentium® and Core™ i3 models)
If you don't need the KVM over remote access and the performance, save the money and get the i3.
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Hard to tell from those descriptions if there is actually a difference in the warranties or not. The Xeon warranty doesn't specify the On-Site timeframe - it could very well be Next Day as well. From what I remember, Next Day On-Site warranty means HP would send a tech to your site the next business day.

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Thanks Guys. Last thoughts:


POWER: Though I read that XEONs often have more features for power-saving features, I can't imagine it being more efficient than an i3 while idling or doing very light tasks.  Do I have this wrong?


ADMIN TOOLS:  So Intel AMT was very easey to pull up info for and it seems like this most accurately summarizes it: "the system can be managed remotely, regardless of whether they are powered up or whether they have a functioning OS."

Anyone know what "Intel Standard Manageability tools actually are? Everything I found was outdated or contradictory to other findings.



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