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"lights-out standalone" available for W8, other non WHS platforms


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Found out that a vendor that hails from the earliest days of  WHS V1, Axonnet  ,makers of the popular add in "lights out" add in,   released a standalone version of lights-out back in December.


I used this add in back in my WHS v1 days  and found it useful -  I had been having problems with the machine not waking up and backing up the clients.  was able to track down why with the logging feature of "lights-out"


didnt  have the same problem with my subsequent  WHS 2011 box so I didnt upgrade to the WHS 2011 version.


Just installed the free trial on my W8 box and will give it a spin for 30 days.


after 30 days it reverts to a "community edition with a limited feature set.


apparently  it also works on W7 and server editions of windows


has anyone else used this standalone version and if so,  what has been the experience ?




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well, if you're using Windows 8 as a media server or a backup server, then it would be a great addition.


Personally, since I'm using Essentials, I'm using the WHS type version. And I use it mostly just to monitor the uptime of computers and to wake them when needed.

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