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Client Restore Issues (Win7 x64)


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Note: I've never had to restore from a backup before via WHS2011.


I recently had some boot files (and perhaps others) get corrupted on my main desktop. The C-drive is backed up daily to my WHS2011.


No big deal, i throw a USB key into my server, make a bootable network key out of it, throw it into my desktop and verify in the BIOS that it appears and is prioritized in the boot order.


I select "64-bit" restore from the menu that appears after I exit BIOS. The "Loading files" bar fills and then the "Windows Starting" animation plays for several minutes before dumping me into a black screen with a mouse cursor.


That's it.


So, what do I do?


Notes: As I'm typing this, I'm wondering if the SSD caching I have setup through my Z77 motherboard is causing an issue. I will shut off that functionality and try again.



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I can't speak for others, but the USB key thing didn't work for me. I use the WHS2011 Client Restore CD to restore my clients (actually, I use my Zalman VE300, but it's loading an ISO of the Restore CD, so it's pretty much the same thing).

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Yeah, the Zalman case is pretty awesome. I second it's usage for most cases.



As for the "blank screen".... have you tried using the Windows AIK to integrate the necessary drivers into the image?

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