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Disc Cloning - Will my software and game launch?

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Some time ago that I was in here, but now I am back.

Did not know where I should post this, so it might be the wrong place.


I have a simple question in an area that might seem natural, but I never had a reason to dwell into this area - so here goes.


I built a gaming rig about a year ago, but for some reason I put in relatively low capacity SSD and HDDs. Now I need to move all my stuff to larger drives.

As I understand it, cloning/migrating HDD and SSD is the easiest and quickest route to move operative, SW:s, games and all to new drives and have it all up and running. But I have also seen some people being of the opinion that this is not possible. 


So my question is:  Will I be able to clone/migrate my system operative, SW and games on the new drives and just replace the old drives with the new ones - and the computer will just chug along as nothing happened?


Also, I understand that the new drives will get new directory letters - how do I change them back?


Hope you can help - Thanks


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I clone drives if everything is working well. If it is an older system I will re-install to clean up the system. 

What OS are you running?

I have used Paragon for years, but it is a bit pricey:


Acronis is popular for disk imaging as well.

The free route that many use is:


I have my cloning software on a separate system with two SATA ports available for cloning.

Cloned properly, your system should run fine. Drive letters can be managed through Disk Management.

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Cloning should work fine. If done properly, the drive letters should also be the same after reboot. If not, as schoondoggy says, use Disk Manager.


Acronis works well, although the interface can be a bit confusing at times. Clonezilla is excellent, but it's a command line tool and is not intuitive at all. You likely would have to do multiple tries to get a good clone, trying different options each time.

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Having an external 'drive caddy' for internal SATA drives is fantastic for drive cloning.


There are a few things to watch out for when cloning but for the most part it works pretty well, I doubt you will have issues.


Since it wasn't mentioned, I use the free version of Macrium Reflect.  It works well for my uses, but be careful because the last time I tried to download it I couldn't find a version that didn't try to install malware.  The download page kept taking me to Cnet Download, which kept trying to install some 'downloader' that had 'additional offers'.


The base install exe for macrium seems to be clean though.

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Download.net is part of Cnet, many companies use it to distribute. I think you can download directly, not using their downloader. Unless something changed.

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