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My new gaming/desktop 'build'

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My only guess to reason it was thrown out is that its something to do with that quadro card.  Either it was a gamer that understood nothing of hardware and felt the system was slow, or it was some sort of professional developer that felt they needed the latest and greatest system replaced every year and had the budget for it.  The quadro card isn't a particularly high end card even for workstations, so maybe they felt the system was underperforming?  Who knows.


I moved my SSD and GPU over into the system yesterday.  Missed the key to boot from USB the first time around and the system booted the SSD instead.


I guess since my old system had an asus board, as does this one, it had no problem booting and everything seems to work properly.  So I didn't even have to re-install.


So now its a game of musical hardware as my old i5 system gets made into my HTPC, the AM3 setup in my HTPC goes to my mothers house....

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