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Backup family members laptops

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The Missing Manual


for anyone running windows 8.1 -  get a copy of Paul Thurrot's  windows 8.1 field guide   for two bucks.  ( minimum asking price,  I paid direct to him what amazon charges for a kindle version)


with MS playing hide and go seek on features with each update, its invaluable.


He is keeping the book current 

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To have the laptops backed up by WHS2011 Client Backup you will have to install the Connector on each one. Installing the Connector isn't exactly joining a computer to a server. At least, not like joi

System image backup is still there in 8.1

Its in there but Microsoft has done its best to hide it in 8.1.    The metro interface is maddening enough but what takes the cake is MS hiding functionality that we have come to rely on -   Like Libr

Drashna Jaelre

This is "System Image Backup".... Not Windows Image Backup.


The difference? You cannot create more than one backup image, and you cannot schedule it. This is a one time image. Period. End of Story.


And the reason why? Because somebody thought it would be a good idea. Because between file history, and the cloud syncing and stuff.... that pushing people to use the cloud (and by push, I mean hold a bloody knife to your throat) and removing any ability to keep an incremental backup was a bad idea. It focuses on local storage too much.

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Sorry for the mis-statement; it is System Image Backup. However, I still think it's the best option for him, because he says all he wants is an initial system image of the laptops.

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Wow! You're right, system image backup is still there. Don't believe everything you read.


Well, unless it's written here of course :D :P


Seriously though, at least it's not gone..... yet. I personally am not particularly interested in the whole online existence thing. I don't believe personal info is safe online. Microsoft's push (shove) to get everyone to move all their data to the cloud is just something I'm not buying into. If MS keeps pushing this tack, I'll have to look to an alternative OS.

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My opinion, MS isn't the only one pushing for cloud.  Apple just announced at WWDC a bunch of features that makes heavier use of iCloud.  Google's got the same story going on with it's Chrome OS.


You can setup a 2nd drive (or Windows Home/Essentials Server) as a File History target to save off your files on your local network.  Windows 8.1 also includes a "refresh" option that allows you to reset your PC back to a fresh install + any apps you bought in their store.  It also has improved its rollback option if you made a change to your computer that didn't quite work out.  I agree that it isn't as simple as the system image backup option, but it does get you closer to having all of your files and content available regardless of what device (PC, tablet, etc.) you're using.


Back to the original question.  I absolutely agree that System Image is probably the best bet for Serg's needs.

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Hey mrossco, been a while since you've posted (I think). Anyway, I realize there are many forces pushing people to cloud storage. I'm not comfortable with them.


I've had a WHS set up since v1, so I have backup of all my files on the server, as well as on 2 different external enclosures. However, I have little to no interest in having all my files available on all my devices all the time. Actually, I pretty much have that feature anyway, since I can connect to my WHS2011 from almost anywhere and get any files I need. My WHS2011 basically acts as my personal cloud. I'm not comfortable handing that over to somebody else, especially when they're in another country, with different laws.

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My WHS server is "My Cloud".  Plus, if I were to lose a device that had access to all my data, that's just another point of failure.  Just my opinion of course, your mileage may vary.

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