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HP Ex48X MSS v3.0 Server Recovery Disk


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Hi All,


I am wondering if anyone is willing to help me out with the HP 3.0 update disk. This disk came out in 2009 and was a paid upgrade at the time. HP does not offer the disk for purchase anymore so I am hoping someone would be willing to share an .iso of the Factory Reset Disk. I am in need of this disk as I recently acquired a HP Media Smart Ex485 and would like to run the latest stuff in order to get the longest amount of time from this initial release of WHS.


In addition I had an odd question about a behavior I am seeing with a DLNA device. I have a lot of video stored > 600 on my WHS. I use a basic folder structure to help me quickly find a video when using a DNLA device. The problem is that the folder structure is being ignored. I know the device can handle the structure as it did with WHS 2011 and WSE 2012, but I am now using WHSv1.




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Well, I'm glad to hear that you were able to get a copy.


Also, just FYI, WHSv1 is "end of life" which means no more updaes for it.



As for the DLNA device.... these share the data ... well, however they please. It's not by folder, usually. It's based on the metadata it's collected... or on how the program decides it wants to.

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