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It's great to know that a few at least have an affinity for this kind of thing. It may not look like it but I'm still more about function than form. I distinctly picked up this model because of two things:


1. It has almost every input imaginable for a car entertainment system: AM/FM tuner, optical CD/VCD/DVD, USB1 for the iPod, USB2 for an HDD, an SD card slot, Bluetooth handsfree paired to my phone, Bluetooth A2DP paired to my iPad Air, TV tuner, AV1 + AV2 (shared with the rear camera) analog inputs, GPS navigation.... and a partridge in a pear tree.

2. It's got great sonic quality. I'm not a hardcore audiophile but I tend to be serious about sound quality than the average guy (being a volunteer church sound engineer on weekends). This HU has individual 13-band EQ for the front, rear and center speakers, has cross-over settings and digital time alignment (DTA) for each speaker including the sub. It can decode Dolby surround or simulate it (Dolby Pro Logic II or SRS)


And to think that this was a 2009 model.


I'm not trying to sell you this brand of HU but just simply stating what floored me at the showroom when I was then in the market for one. I just had to have it.


And oh, I have DLS R6A speakers up front while still using stock speakers in the rear (as surround drivers). I didn't put a center speaker though. The sub is a small-ish Blaupunkt THb 210. Not thumping loud but just enough oomph to give the system some low end.

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