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Graphiccard on G8?

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Exactly. Typically, GPUs add a lot of heat to the inside of a chassis. In a small chassis like the MicroServer, the effect is emphasized.

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I can confirm, that Sapphire HD 6570 1G DDR3 (11191-26-20G) works fine with Gen8!  

Hi demiurg,   i´m using a Nvidia GT320 for my second HP Microserver Gen8 and it works without a problem. I had this graphics card left from a old PC.   NVIDIA GeForce GT 320 1GB DDR3 PCI Express

Today the card arrived.   1 hour ago I build in the Sapphire R7 240 2GB card. The Number is: 11216-07-20G   It comes with a installed Low Profile (half height) bracket.   I put the card into the

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You're right. After I switched off the machine and opened/closed the chassis, everything cooled. I turned it back on and noticed little noise (6% fan). Slowly, over the course of 5-10 minutes, it crawled back to 19% and stabilized. It's a temperature issue and a couple of sensors get warmer. The graphics card warms up to 48 degrees Celsius (according to aticonfig --odgt). 


I'm reading some of the other threads about temperature and see many good cooling ideas. Maybe I could try one of these compact centrifugal laptop fans? They tend to be noisy though. Or perhaps an actively cooled card? Or will this just spread the heat around? ...

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Take a look at some of the things done in other threads to cool the P222 -- may help your graphics card.

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An actively cooled GPU would likely run somewhat cooler. Most of them exhaust the hot air out the back of the chassis, through holes in the mounting bracket(s).

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I recommend dedicated media player any time! WD TV Live in the latest iteration gives you wireless hookup to your servers and stutterless 1080p. Save the Gen8 PCI slot for Raid a card :)

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This would be a good alternative option and I'll keep it in mind (in case the fan drives me crazy). :)




Effortless configuration.

Gen8 server location freedom.

A free PCI-slot.

Out-of-the-box extras (like easy Netflix).


The same... 

The HD5450 and WD TV live consume roughly the same power (~ 10 Watts).

HD5450 should also handle 1080p (at least under Windows), but would it be stutterless?

With XBMC same nice GUI and remote control (with wireless keyboard).



Another box, network cable and plug (My wife loves the Apple TV. Would she like another box?)

30€ (HD5450) vs 80€ (WD TV Live).

Streaming over network, instead of hard drive.

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As a quick test I added a small 40mm fan near the PCI holes and the main fan speed dropped from 19% to 6%.


Of course, I've difficulties mounting the fan, but at least there's progress.

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I think you might be right to be a bit concerned about it. The PSU is only 150W isn't it? It might work, but it's half of the available power.

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