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Graphiccard on G8?


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Brilliant. That’s exactly the info I am after. I am going to order mine now as I need 4K output. I have content but only 1080p card. 

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Please note, while I await my USB to SLIM-SATA adapter I noticed that the GTX1050Ti makes plugging anything USB into that internal header VERY difficult!

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On 7/27/2019 at 10:27 AM, cyberboblouth said:

Has anyone considered the new GTX1650 LP?  It looks to draw the same power as the GTX1050TI (75W)?

Synthetic benchmarks show it way ahead but actual gameplay varies from 10% upwards in Frame Rate



I might be interested in it but I have to make some tests first. I currently have the 1050Ti installed with a Xeon 1220 V2. In a real world  scenario you have also to  consider that the GPU would be limited by the CPU in our setup.

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On 8/19/2019 at 7:31 PM, sutt359 said:

Ive just installed a Nvidia quadro p600 in mine... fits perfectly and helps out greatly for transcoding for plex and Emby servers.



Is your model identified in ILO? My Quadro P600 (HP P/N 1ME42AA) have state UNKNOWN….


Because of this, the fan constantly threshes by 30% even in idle time, although all temperatures are up to 40 degrees .... It is also written in the BIOS that in this status the fan will work faster.





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Affected HPE Accelerator / Graphic Hardware Options:
NVidia Quadro Cards 
   K2200, K4200, K5200, K6000
   M2000, M4000, M5000, M6000, M6000-(24GB)
   P6000, M3000SE
NVidia Grid Cards 
   K1, K2, K2-RAF
NVidia Tesla Cards 
   K40, K40c, K40 XL, K80
   M4, M40 (24 GB), M6, M60, M60 RAF
Intel Xeon Phi Cards 
   5100p, 7120p, 7120d
AMD FirePro Cards 
   W7100, S9150, S7100x

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